About Ekotoy

About Ekotoy

Roots Matter
This is a story of natural relationships with the ecosystem and the environment

Diana was born into a family with a strong link to the woodlands and a long tradition in wood work.
Her great grandfather produced coal during the 30’s and 40’s, and managed pine woodlands all his life. Her grandfather started working as a young boy on all things related to wood, starting his own wood furniture manufacturing and restoration business in the 70’s. Over 40+ years later, the workshop is is still running, now under her uncle’s skilful hands, lifetime experience and contemporary taste.
At the age of 24, Diana became a forest engineer and worked as such for 7 years, until she met Rui, a world traveller with business and IT background. Together they have been working towards a more natural and simple way of life, and together they started Ekotoy as one of the many expressions of their quest.

Ekotoy is a family run business, only possible with the help, support and guidance of our like-minded family members and the passion of our dedicated team.

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Our e-Shop

For the environmental and safety conscious parent, a standard on-shelf, mainstream toys just won’t do. Such products don’t quite tick all the boxes when it comes to safety, educational value, cool design and social and environmental friendliness.

We have a passion for toys that are great for kids, our planet and those who produce them!

We pay attention to detail and only choose toys that we love and would buy for ourselves! Bringing you products that are beautiful, encourage discovery, help to develop motor & sensory skills, stimulate creativity, imagination, intuition, ingenuity, concentration, memory and, of course, are a lot of fun!
We carefully scrutinise the brands we work with, thus assuring product origin, quality and manufacturing conditions.
Expect personalised and devoted customer care and service, with fast response and shipping. Overall professional handling from your first click to home delivery of your purchase.

More than just Toys

Eco friendly decorEco-friendly toys were the spark that ignited the idea behind Ekotoy. However, we have a naturally global way of thinking that includes much more than just toys.
We just couldn’t resist venturing into the decor world! It goes hand in hand with the toys, and there are many gorgeous things out there that deserve a place in your eco home!

Truth be told, most of them have that double toy/decor function anyway…

Our Criteria

What describes us the best? The criteria we use to select the best toys!

  • CE Marking: Safety is a priority concern with the products we select. We only choose toys that comply and often exceed the stringent requirements of the European Toy Safety Directive, as well as other international toy safety standards such as ASTM. More about the CE Mark.
  • Made in Europe: Most products featured in Ekotoy are made in Europe, but you will also find products made in other destinations worldwide under a fair trade commitment. More about the environmentally-friendly brands.
  • Handmade: We think it’s important to promote and preserve craftsmanship and small scale (but big love) productions, so we also sell handmade toys and decoration objects.
  • Sustainability: The materials used in the making of eco-friendly toys and accessories are natural, sustainable, biodegradable, recyclable, recycled and non toxic. Besides being all natural, some are also 100% organic. More about sustainable materials
  • Educational Value: Toys should have high educational value, be multi-purpose and stimulate the child’s imagination. We favour learning through play. Many of the toys also hold the Spiel Gut Recommendation.
  • Durability: We think toys should be durable and be passed along to a friend or following generations – we love that they are heirlooms!
  • Social Responsibility: We applaud suppliers that have a real commitment to social responsibility as well as environmentally friendly processes. We also feel strongly about promoting smaller brands and independent creators. More about our eco and social policy.
  • Beauty: Besides the manufacturing process, we also give a great deal of importance to aesthetics. Beautiful toys can be used as decoration items and remain life-long companions.

Our Favourite Toys

  • Ignite imagination, inspire creativity and give children the freedom to develop at their own pace
  • Require no batteries
  • Include very little plastic (preferably none)
  • Stand the test of time, are timeless and adaptable to the child’s growth stages and, in the end, still be the coolest toy for the next sibling in line
  • Have play value in themselves
  • Are respectful of our planet, environmentally friendly and sustainable – made of recycled or recyclable materials, non toxic and eco-friendly paints, minimise transportation and carbon footprint
  • Have the highest quality and warranty standards
  • Give good value for your money

Be our Partner

Ekotoy brandsWe are particularly fond of independent artisans and support sustainable & smaller scale productions.
We have a soft spot for beautiful, unique, distinctive, top quality pieces with high educational and/or decorative value.

If you think your work falls into the above categories, please tell us all about it!

Ekotoy online shop is the perfect platform for designers and toy makers that share our concept and wish to benefit from additional online exposure, professional customer care and sales.
Also perfect for those that do not have the time, money or willingness to create, develop and sustain their own e-commerce solution.


Contact EkotoyYou can contact us by email (info@ekotoy.com) or through our contact form.

We are online Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 GMT. You are welcome to contact us after hours too! As soon as we’re online, we’ll get back to you!

Email: info@ekotoy.com

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Please note: Ekotoy does not have retail outlets and sells exclusively on the internet.

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