Our Toys Eco and Sustainable Social Policy

Wooden Car

We believe in safe educational toys made of natural ecological and sustainable materials
Each brand and product is carefully studied to ensure it meets our strict ecological and social policy

Natural Materials

We sell toys made of natural ecological and sustainable materials that must meet our strict ecological policy:

  • 100% natural materials such as wood, cork, wool and certified organic cotton
  • Biodegradable, renewable and sustainable resources
  • Recycled and upcycled materials
  • Water based, non-toxic paints and finishes
  • Limited use of synthetic materials
  • No batteries

Social Policies

Supporting European Eco-Friendly Toys 

  • We mainly source nature friendly European designed and manufactured toys
  • European laws & CE Certification assure the quality, origin and fair laboring conditions of products
  • All our products are crafted by happy skilled workers.
    When you are happy and believe in what you produce it all shows in the final product and what better final product than a toy…
  • We also look worldwide for unique, educational, ecological, well designed and high quality products, but never losing focus on the “fair trade” aspect


Timeless and Non gender specific entertainment value:

  • A toy should be shared and passed along regardless of gender
  • Highly educational and multifunctional toys can be played in many different ways, promoting problem solving and learning skills
  • Family interaction is one of our priorities in product selection and offer

Quality & Certifications

Get your money’s worth:

  • Cool and timeless toy design
  • High quality, durable toys that last and can be passed down generations
  • Made by companies and manufacturers that share our concern about environment and social fairness, and integrate it in their production & distribution process
  • CE marking (EU mandatory and present in all toys sold in Ekotoy) and many other international certifications and awards


All of our packaging is 100% recycled and/or recyclable including package stuffing and labels.

InHouse Carbon Footprint

  • We work from our own home office, saving on transportation to work! The only commuting we do is from one room to another, recycling our food burning calories up and down the stairs!
  • We have implemented a waste management system which includes recycling waste and anything else that can help to reduce its overall environmental impact
  • We also use energy efficient LED bulbs (unfortunately still way too expensive)
  • Aiming to save a few more trees… we do our best to reduce paper use, so we only print when absolutely necessary. All information regarding your order is sent via email. If an invoice is requested it will be sent as a PDF file
  • Whenever available, we buy locally sourced paper from responsibly sustainable sources.
  • When we must print, we use 100% recycled unbleached paper and re-use it if possible.
    Don’t be surprised if your order comes wrapped in newspaper or shredded mail junk!
  • We recycle print cartridges.
  • We are not fundamentalists and do enjoy many of what current technology has to offer, even if it’s not that green… We just aim to limit in a conscious way the impact in our planet of our life and business, so humanity and our kids can all enjoy it for a lot longer!
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