Wax Crayons


Natural beeswax crayons
Diameter: 12 mm | Length 8,5 cm

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OkoNorm Nawaro wax crayons are a premium quality product, resulting in an extraordinary painting experience. Made from renewable raw materials, these natural crayons meet all expectations regarding high opacity and rubbing properties, which means they can be used by children, artists and crafters alike!
Wax Crayons are manufactured using only natural ingredients, so they are absolutely non-toxic and contain no petrochemical waxes!

Ingredients include plant-derived stearins, more than 25 % pure beeswax, plant-derived waxes, purified champagne chalk, lanolin, silica, food colouring, earth and mineral pigments, stabilised with selected organic pigments.
The stearin is derived from palm oil harvested by selected local smallholders who cultivate their palm trees organically and sustainably.
A slight white sheen on the wax crayons is nothing to worry about, it is simply proof of their quality as it indicates a high beeswax content.
These wax crayons are gluten-free.

These Ökonorm crayons have been tested and CE certified. They were also certified by the ÖKO-TEST magazine as “Very Good”.

Weight 139 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 1.2 × 1.2 cm

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