Wooden Cow | Tondotti Family


A cool wooden Cow in smooth geometrical shapes.
Playing with this smooth animal helps children learning geometrical shapes.

8,5 x 5 x 6 cm | 3,3 x 2,0 x 2,4 inches
Eco Toy suitable for 3+ year old childCE Certified ToyEco-Toy FSC certification

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This cow is part of the Tondotti Family: Cute, handmade wooden animals in simple geometrical shapes that can be used as toys, party favours, placeholders or decoration items.
Your children will soon identify the familiar geometrical shapes (spheres, cylinders, etc.) used in the making of these entertaining toys.
Their smooth profiles and geometrical shapes create funny but refined characters, sure to bring a lot of fun wherever they go!

The Tondotti family of collectible wooden animal figures also includes an elephant, a rabbit and a horse that you can buy individually or as a package.
All toys are handmade using 100% FSC beech wood, harvested from an eco-friendly forest respecting natural and social aspects.

Weight 151 g
Dimensions 10.30 × 10.30 × 10.50 cm


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